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When Should I Shop My Insurance?

There is a popular misconception that once you begin to shop your insurance that your should be prepared to switch at the same time. This is not necessarily true or should be done. Your ultimate goal when shopping your insurance is to ensure that the coverage you are currently receiving from your carrier matches the needs and value you are looking for with that provider. Insurance shouldn't be treated as a commodity, but as a value partnership between you and your provider.

So is shopping your insurance bad? The answer is, no. There is no right or wrong time to shop your insurance. We typically suggest anywhere anywhere between 12 to 24 months. The ultimate goal with shopping your insurance is to see if your current carrier's rates are still competitive. If you find a quote that is significantly lower than what you are currently paying, you should then reach out to your provider and review your policies with them. By reviewing and comparing the quote you received with your agent/carrier this ensures that the new quote isn't sacrificing coverage for cost. Remember insurance is about having the best coverage at the right value that is acceptable for you.

If you haven't reviewed your policy with an agent or shopped your insurance in a while, we welcome the opportunity to review your current policy and offer you a comparison quote. We even offer a 5% discount just for shopping your insurance with us. Call today and lets see if we can maximize your coverage and value!

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