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Avoid The Freeze...

As we go into winter season, the claim we see the most is sudden water loss due to a burst pipe. Most homeowners policies will cover sudden and accidental water losses. These are typically losses due to sudden water escape from an appliance or a burst frozen pipe. As the temperatures begin to dip into the freezing range, here are some tip to help prevent frozen pipes.

- Have your pipes checked by a plumber before the start of the cold season in your area

- When temperatures get really cold, leave water dripping

- Insulate your pipes in unheated areas (i.e. garages, crawlspaces, basements, and etc.)

- Disconnect all outside hoses from your outside faucets

- Try to keep your thermostat at consistent temperature while you are home

- If you leave for the holidays, do not put your thermostat below 55 degrees

*these tips come from varies resources

These tips won't guarantee you won't have a frozen pipe but can help reduce the risk of them happening. If you have any concerns about what your policy would cover, reach out to your carrier or agent for further details in your specific policy.

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